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Proacta is dedicated to the development of hypoxia activated “prodrugs” for the treatment of cancer. These therapies become active only in the presence of severe hypoxia, which is a common finding in many tumors.

Proacta believes this approach will result in more effective treatments for cancer by increasing the concentration of active drug in tumors and decreasing the concentration of active drug in normal tissues.

Our lead compound, PR610 is a hypoxia-selective multi-kinase inhibitor (HSMKI) designed to release a tyrosine kinase inhibitor in the presence of hypoxia. Proacta is currently accruing to a phase I/II clinical trial of PR610 in patients with treatment resistant or relapsed solid tumors and in particular, in erlotinib-resistant Non Small Cell Lung Cancer.

In addition to PR610, Proacta has a series of compounds under development within the HSMKI platform, including FLT-3, FGFR and HER-2 inhibitors.

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